The future of work looks very different than it does today and MAD Colour were delighted to work with 4C UR Future on their return to live events for 2022 where they will engage with almost 7,500 Year 9 pupils from across Northern Ireland.


MAD Colour are the event partner for 4C UR Future in 2022 and we designed, produced & installed:-

  • 175 graphic panels made from recycled board
  • 90 + metres of printed flooring
  • An Escape Room
  • 12 bespoke gaming tables built by the MAD joinery team powered by Arduino boards running a game designed & coded by our digital team


4C UR Future LIVE is a fast-paced and action-packed careers inspiration event providing an immersive experience with interactive work based games and skills challenges.  The games were created in collaboration with local employers to  draw out each young person’s strengths and attributes, aligned to future employability criteria and emerging in-demand skills.



4C UR Future’s Founder, Rose Mary Stalker, said:


The careers environment has become increasingly complex for our young people to navigate, with new jobs and sectors emerging, and employers are facing significant skills shortages and bottlenecks, inhibiting our businesses from growing.”


4C UR Future LIVE was developed to provide a safe at-scale solution, to involve, inform, and inspire young people before they choose their GCSE subjects, so that they can make more empowered career pathway choices, and boost their opportunities.”


“We are delighted to announce that we plan to hold 11 4C UR Future LIVE events this year – one in each Council area. In collaboration with a wide range of local employers, and supported by ten Councils, through our 2022 LIVE events we will engage with almost 7,500 Year 9 pupils from across Northern Ireland.”


Established in 2019, 4C UR Future are an industry-led social enterprise. They work in the best interests of young people, collaboratively, to deliver engaging, relatable, and inspirational careers events and resources that reflect the future world of work.  Find Out more at https://4curfuture.com/

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