Montalto Estate aims to reconnect visitors with nature through access to a range of captivating gardens and beautiful walks and trails. Nestled in the picturesque County Down countryside, Montalto is a privately-owned demesne steeped in history dating back to the 1600s. 

For the first time in its history, this mystical and enchanting estate set in magnificent natural surroundings is open to visit.  The visitor experience includes; public access to the estate’s beautiful gardens along with unique and surprising garden features; historic walks and trails and an exciting play area where children can explore, learn and wonder at their natural surroundings.

MAD Creative were briefed to roll out the brand across the estate and create a unified and cohesive set of interiors, graphics, imagery and signage from the café to the carpark and everywhere in between.  MAD Creative were also invited to create an outdoor advertising campaign across 48 sheets & 6 sheet poster sites, social media and Adshell screens aimed at increasing visitor footfall.

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